Eberron Nights


A new group of potential students of the arcane arrived at the village of Arcanix. They gathered before their host, Raulo ir’Trannic, a human wizard in charge of the admission of new students. First, they gathered in a large room for a written test (skill check), and then each student presented themselves individually for a practical demonstration. With most students at least proving themselves academically or practically proficient, they were given the brown robes of students and admitted to the school. They were carried up in hippogriff-drawn carriages to the White Arch of Glarehold Tower. Passing through a courtyard of animated boar topiaries, they were gathered and assigned to their various student houses. Some were assigned to house Aboleth, Hellcat, Bulette, or, like the members of the party, Wolpertinger.

Setting up their residences, the party met a few other students of their hosehold, Ari, Chantal, Maril, Jubb, and Gavrin, all from various regions following their own magical paths. They were soon introduced to their various professors, each also the faculty adviser over the houses: Poshmetn d’Sivis, of house Aboleth, Taniss Shadowell of house Hellcat, Bokk Romhaar of house Bulette, and Erben Kendig of house Wolpertinger.

Soon after orientation, several students were dismayed to find their familiars missing. The new students banded together to track down where they might have went, following the trail back to Hellcat house. The Wolpertingers confronted the Hellcats, leading to an altercation in the hallway, leaving the offending students lying defeated. When Professor Shadowell came to stop the commotion, he reprimanded his students and ordered the return of the familiars, which were a bit shaken, but no worse for the hazing.

After classes began and became more routine, there was a call for volunteers to go down to Arcanix to resupply their spell components. Some materials had become scare after the Last War, and were not always on hand. The Wolpertingers took the opportunity for a field trip off school grounds, and took a feather-fall life preserver off the edge of the White Arch. Landing in Arcanix, they found the streets deserted and homes shut tight. There was evidence of some sort of trouble, which they soon found in the form of animal attacks. Not only had various shops been attacked by dire rats, fire beetles, and vipers, but they all seemed to be summoned fiends. Having collected most of their materials and defeated the creatures, the students were directed to the local caves for the grave earth and mercury. Necromancy students often used the cave to practice their craft.

In the caves, the Wolpertingers had to fight off a few goblins and skeletons, finding a man using the focus circle at the end of the cave. It was the way a student could control the various undead creatures in the cave, which he directed to attack the students. The Wolpertingers struck him down, however, and brought his body back for identification. It seemed he was a applicant to the school last year, but had failed his entrance examination. He had a stolen spellbook on him, however, as well as some wands and scrolls he had taken to take matters into his own hands.

With their admission into the school and the defeat of an embittered rival, the Wolpertingers completed their freshman year at the floating towers.



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