Eberron Nights

Dueling Platform

After returning from their semi-authorized adventure into the supposed lich’s dungeon, the professors announced an upcoming dueling tournament, pitting student against student in direct single competition. The goal of this tournament was simply to knock one’s opponent from the long narrow platform, whether by shoving, charming, tricking, or simply knocking out and tossing.

Each student had some tricks up their sleeve, with degrees of success depending on their opponents’ own strengths. The ratfolk alchemist threw a poisoned dagger at Ari, the shepherd diviner of Wolpertinger. With just enough strength before falling unconscious, however, he was able to grab and flip the rat from the platform with supernatural insight, then immediately falling unconscious himself.

Nyan faced a gnome of house Aboleth, who spent his preparatory time extolling the advantages of the study of enchantment. Whatever is point, however, it didn’t seem to stick as the tibbit vanished, then erupted with a shriek in his ear before setting him aflame and tossing him off the platform.

The gnome artificer faced off with a wild looking shifter, also from house Aboleth, who summoned a small dragon and huge tree rodent to double team him. Their quick, relentless team onslaught finally drove him back and off the platform, unable to push back.

Isis stood against a half-elf girl of the Hellcats, and apparently prematurely white-haired. When the battle began, however, that hair flipped out to whip and grab at the illusionist until the gnome managed to knock her out with some dazzling spells.

Finally Cuali the Coatl summoner transformed into his larger serpent spirit to face the house Bulette Warforged. With a battle of strength and spells, Cuali managed to finally trip up the living construct and toss him down.

Finishing the tournament, the professors congratulated the winners, reminding everyone that win or lose, one must learn all he can about his own strengths and weaknesses, and how those can be best leveraged against an opponent, especially one of vastly different skill sets. If one does not pursue academics exclusively, an adventuring wizard has to be able to deal with many different challenges normally outside his expertise.



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