Eberron Nights

Dungeon Delve

At the start of sophmore year, the students were given access to the laboratory to sew enchantments into their own student robes. With some coaching and practice, they learned more about the crafting of magic items, as well as protecting themselves from accidents around the school.

Rumor also began, that long ago, in the old kingdom of Galifar or even before, a ancient and wicked lich made his lair nearby, and that it lay undiscovered even since his own destruction, and that anyone who found it would have unknown magical knowledge, power, and wealth. The students went into a flurry of activity, gossiping and researching what they could. The Wolpertingers followed suit, conducting their own research, questioning other students, and even sabotaging their efforts as they left on a head start in the morning.

cavefisher.jpgTheir research led them to where they believed the lair should be. Unfortunately, Lake Galifar seemed to have risen above the entrance, and they were forced to dive down to find it. There was a cave, however, and it quickly became apparent it was constructed by an intelligent hand. It was not uninhabited, however, and the party was set upon by cave fishers, which attempted to entangle and drag away some morsels to eat. After a vicious attack in a blind rage, the students managed to beat them off, recovering from their wounds somewhat with home made potions.

bad_nightmare_horse_by_justlittlething-d4p8e6l.jpgExploring deeper in the dungeon, the students found it to be old, though not without some sort of life. In an old library, some haunt slammed the door, rapping and frightening them. After their escape, they saw flames leading them to the old kitchen, whose fireplace burst on, sending red-hot pokers after them. Finding a library and living quarters, there was the first sign of intelligent residents: a barricade before the doors. Finding an empty corridor, they tried that, but a cold spot sucked the strength from Isis, leaving her weak and shaken. Storming the barricade, an alarm went off, alerting the goblins camped out. The party kept their attention while Isis summoned (an image of) their most terrible and hated foe: the common horse. Defeating the squatters, the party was low on energy and resources, and decided to rest in the fortified bedquarters formerly claimed by the goblins.

Continuing through the lich’s dungeon, they came to a bridge over a pool of dirty water. Ten feet down, there appeared to be a glittering pile of treasure. Diving in, Temarith was overcome with vertigo, seemingly much deeper than he expected, and being tugged at as it felt like he was stuck in molasses. Even his light armor seemed to be pulled, attracted to the bottom of the pool before he finally burst out panting onto the bridge. Leaving the deceptive trap behind, the Wolpertingers came to a cave-in with two side-passages. The walls were covered in historic murals, almost distracting one from the delicate glowing crystals. Isis idendified them as mnemonic crystals: very dangerous for spellcasters, as they could absorb their potential magic energy, making them lose their spells. The murals seemed to depict the ancient history of Eberron, starting even at the creation by the three dragons, but before they could study in more detail, the walls started to moan and ooze with blood, sending Isis and Cualli running terrified. They then tripped over the mnemonic crystals, sending bursts of spell energy through their minds, overwhelming them with a cacophony of ideas and images. In the end, Isis was knocked out with the terror and overwhelming information, with Cualli barely able to hold himself upright.

Nyan managed to coax Isis awake before they heard the commotion of three house Bulette students entering from a far door. The dwarf, orc, and warforged challenged the Wolpertingers for the salvage of the dungeon, trusting their relative strength and toughness to wipe up some limp-wristed wizard students. Temarith was able to hold the line against their steel and fire, while the rest of the Wolpertingers dazzled them with their magic, knocking out another group of rivals.

Finally able to catch their breath, the students could see the murals led through the creation and history of Eberron, all the way through to the Last War, culminating with a columnar chessboard holding five incongruous figures: a queen, a skeletal knight, a bear, bishop, and warforged. What this told of the lich’s lair was another mystery to be solved.



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