Eberron Nights

Flying to Argonnessen

In Sharn, the party goes to the house of Finding to hire guides for the wilderness, and perhaps someone to track down their specific quarry. After negotiating with the personnel manager, they are connected wiht a small group of mercenaries: a half-orc heir and finder, her halfling “brother,” an elven troubleshooter, and even a kobold sorcerer, with the blood of mighty dragons coursing through his veins he no doubt barked at anyone nearby.

With preparations made, they made the week-long journey east across the sea to the continent of Argonnessen. Approaching the northwest coast, they came to the only well-known feature of the island, Totem Beach. There, giant stone dragon heads looked out to sea, seemingly too massive and intricate for the native humans to have made, but probably not the work of dragon labor either. The party lowered a longboat and made their way quietly to shore, on the lookout for the dragon-totem barbarian tribes that protected the coasts and repeled any and all outlanders.

Sneaking up the beach, a group of human barbarians was seen gathred together. The party quietly flanked them, suddenly rushing to break their ranks. The natives howled in anger, raising large weapons made from castaway dragon bones and teeth, their chief filling their minds with bloodlust. A shaman joined, blasting at the interlopers with crackling bolts of electricity. When the party quickly dispatched the warriors, he called some sort of dragon-horse steed and attempted to flee, but was brought down by the party’s magic.

Interrogating the survivors, the party learns the nearby mountain has seen a flurry of new activity in the past week, the inhabitants of it particularly busy and agitated. Taking this as a sign of the right track, the party moves on to investigate.



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