Eberron Nights

Investigating the Warlord

Having gathered most of the materials and ritual needed for this “academic” scavenger hunt, at peril to their own lives and those of strangers outside the school, the Wolpertinger students decided to investigate those giving them these questionable tasks. What were their professors not telling them?

Coming back to their faculty’s offices, they found Professors Shadowell and Kendig entering the latter’s office. Listening at the door and also detecting any thoughts inside, the students found that their professors were just as concerned and confused as they were at the dangers and purposes of this task. The quest apparently went much higher in the faculty, with links to First Warlord and Royal Minister of Magic, Adal. While not a member of the staff or Arcane Congress, he often visited the school to fund research and development of weapons development.

Determined to find out what was going on, the party made their preparations and snuck out one night. Coming to the large floating discs that traversed between the floating towers, they used scrolls of invisibility to avoid the golems standing guard at tower Skyreach. Isis managed to create some false credentials to activate the faculty elevator all the way up to the private offices. Heading to the top, they came to the foyer of Adal’s own office, in front of which stood a warforged, alert and warhammer in hand. He viewed the students carefully, explaining that the warlord was out of his office and would not be returning for some time, if they would like to wait on the couch for several weeks, it was their prerogative. Deciding time was of the essence, the party surprised the warforged with a full frontal arcane assault, knocking it inert.

Party gains scrolls of invisibility, lesser restoration, remove paralysis, see invisibility, locate object, knock, and disguise self

Searching Adal’s office, the party finds a hidden compartment containing a strange two-pronged sword of energy. Not knowing what purpose this strange weapon had or why it was hidden in the warlord’s office, the party carefully packed it away for further identification. Finishing their investigations with even more questions than before, the students snuck back to their dorm to mull over their clues.



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