Eberron Nights

Kidnappings, Krakens, and Khyber Konclusions

After exploring the sewers, battling rival gangs of goblins and drow, following a child assassin back to it’s monster orphanage, the party finally found a lead at Morgrave University. They were led down to a secret meeting of like-minded peoples interested in a transcendent theology: a cult of the Blood of Vol. After spying on their warehouse, who is seen but Marcus, the vampire they met in the Frostfell. Confronting him, however, he attempted to kidnap Kaya again, though only just escaped with his own hide. Their investigations led them to follow Marcus east, to Karrnath.

They brought the airship to Atur, the City of Night, almost constantly under the shade of the Ashen Spires and mist of Karrn Falls, and also coming to life at night, when the markets and streets were most busy. With some investigation in the Crimson Monastery, the imposing red temple to the Blood of Vol, the party found that Marcus would be arriving here as well.

The party was later lured outside the city, though, and this time, with the help of a fiendish servant, Marcus was able to dominate and fell enough adventurers to recover Kaya for his mistress and escape. The party quickly made to follow him, into caves near Irontown. Inside, the party found a peculiar alliance between knights of the Emerald Claw, and some Riedran agents before a tall egg-shaped monolith bursting from the Khyber crystals around it. There was talk of lunar and planar alignments, and summoning a great monster to bring ruin; whatever the case, the cave wall began to crack as massive tentacles burst forth to strike out at adventurers and knights alike. Surprisingly, Kylaear arrived to help battle the foes while Rin entered the monolith, discovering a strange psionic array, presumably a way to operate the structure. With magical experience and some luck, he was able to set it to self-destruct, and the party teleported outside the caverns before they were buried in stone and most of Lake Dark.

The party had apparently put and end to at least one facet of a disturbingly long-term plan made by the cooperation of the Emerald Claw and the foreign manipulators of Riedra. What the full implications were, is still being discovered. And the fate of Kaya, apparently a bearer of the Dragonmark of Death, is unknown.



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