Eberron Nights

Searching the School

Heading into the library from the topiary’s clue, the party finds the call number leads to the reference stacks. They find a thick tome dealing with the Draconic Prophecy, and the clue points to a specific page of prophecy and ritual magic.

The key finds the lock when old blood becomes new
The spirit of betrayal lays on the defender’s sword
And the lost son finds his home reborn

The prophecy seems to indicate something will happen when certain materials are brought together in a ritual. From the long preparation of components and spellcasting of the ritual, certain spells are referenced and could even be extrapolated for more general use.

Party members may learn clairvoyance and blood biography

Straining their knowledge of esoteric and intangible components, the party decides to search tower Nocturnas and its laboratories. On one of the lower levels appeared to be a hall of laboratories dedicated to researching and interrogating extraplanar creatures. One of the rooms contianed a Vulnadaemon: a bloody-toothfilled mouth that looks almost like a horrific gash that gasps in the neck of the pale, childlike horror. They are the personification of murder and betrayal of friends and family. Fortunately, it was currently trapped within a magic circle, unable to move beyond its border. Nearby sat a silver ritual knife with a khyber shard pommel; taking it, the party easily executed the fiend, whose essence was absorbed by the dagger’s crystal, which throbbed uncomfortably in hand.

Moving along the hall of creatures, the party found a calm hound archon among the various demons and elementals. As a champion of justice, his greatsword would serve well in the ritual. He was more willing to talk, and agreed to donate his sword in exchange for his freedom, that he might continue his eternal quest to fight and destroy evil. The party accepted his bargain, taking his sword and dismissing the angel to his home.



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