Elf with dragonmark of Death


A mere commoner, with no idea why she was suddenly targeted by various factions. She did manifest a strange blue glow around her hand when first met…


If asked about her history, Kaya explains she grew up in a small city in Aundair with only her mother and father. They had no extended family, and were simple members of the community. Kaya learned the profession of embalming, a practice important to the elves. She apprenticed to a mortician for several years before the human grew older and she took over running the day to day business. A priest of the Sovereign Host conducted most funerals, but once in a while some elves would come to witness Kaya work to preserve and honor their dead.

It was only in the last few weeks that she felt an uncomfortable presence in the background of her life. She was accosted by human rogues dressed in black, who attempted to kidnap her. Struggling to escape, her hand burned with an icy flame as she struck one of her attackers. He grunted and lost his grip, but there were others to take his place. As they carted her off, someone else attacked them! An exotic man in gold robes easily threw them all aside, picked her up, and ran off. She may have asked what was going on, who he was, but she got no answer. But once out of town, he transformed into a gargantuan gold dragon, and flew off with her in tow!

After days of flying over land and ocean, they reached what was apparently some sort of safehouse lair, where the party found her.

Trying to rescue her and prevent her from becoming a danger to the world, she was kidnapped again by Marcus the Wolf


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