Lady Sindera

Ice Queen of Frostfell


Elven woman living in a blue ice castle in the middle of Frostfell, apparent mistress of Marcus the Black, Arkaban (former mummy sorcerer), some undead soldiers, and adept in necromantic rituals. An oracle-sphinx’s riddle pointed to her realm as holding the answer to what was happening to the planes. When asked, she responded she may have some information to trade, but what she most desired was for the party to find and recover a long-lost relative, last heard to be in Argonnessen.

She was quite cordial to the party, asking Rin the cleric to manage some undead personnel for her, as her mummy was destroyed by the party. For this, he was able to study many of her necromantic rituals, learning things some cats should not.

Lady Sindera

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