Merrin (Rin)



If in doubt, summon a Shadow!


The party’s (less than) fluffy cleric of the necromantic arts -

Rin is a catfolk cleric of the Sovereign Host, worshiping not one god but all for their different blessings.

As of late the powers of undeath have been pulling at Rin’s attentions and their might is catching, the dark truth that evil can fight evil gives rise to new foci in Rin’s mind.
Healing, Travel, and Oracle Domains afford a number of helpful powers to the party through Rin, who’s more than happy to travel to the ends of the world to find what he seeks…

Common Lines:
“Save the bones! I need them for.. stuff.”
“Don’t worry, I’m a cleric, you wont stay dead”
“Nope, no problems here, and no survivors..”

Came across a golden ring on a ghost ship abandoned on the snowy coast of Frostfell, any potential owners dead of violence or exposure. It allowed him to blast enemies with the sheer force of chaos, but also seemed to whisper secret thoughts…

Merrin (Rin)

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