Bright Evening Star

Platinum ring of light


Casts light at will, CL 2

Platinum ring set with a large diamond surrounded by a circle of smaller sapphires and rubies. These gems gleam brightly even in the dullest light. An inscription on the inside of the band reads “for Alenea” in Elven. It fits any hand, but always a bit loose or tight no nonelves.


Platinum ring found in the “Lich’s Dungeon” in the dragon chests.

“Alenea” refers to a legendary elven hero sorcerer three millennia ago, lover of the wizard Eldarniel, court magician and magic crafter.

When a young elf, recently graduated from a spellcasting academy, she traveled in an adventuring troupe with the young mage Eldarniael, though their chief passion was cataloging the mystical properties of moonlight and starlight. Some credit them with discovering silver’s effects on lycanthropes and making the first ring of shooting stars.

Bright Evening Star

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