Tooth of At-Ta-Ir

Minor Artifact


This giant-sized tooth radiates magic. In order to function, the tooth must be placed in an empty tooth socket—it shrinks to fit the mouth of smaller than giant-sized creatures, though the tooth always remains oversized and obvious (the user loses 2 points of Charisma, and these points may never be restored). The tooth may not thereafter be removed without resulting in the death of the host. It grants the host a continuous tongues ability. Once per day, the host can use the spells suggestion and shout. Once per week the host can use the spell word of chaos. All these spell-like abilities are caster level 20th, save DC 20.


Deep in the jungles of Xen’drik, there was the grand ruined temple of the ancient giant civilization. On the second level, there was a great iron door surrounded by a spray of dismembered bodies. Spikes, the warforged juggernaut, implacably walked through the bodies, undeterred by the wail of the banshee that uttered forth from the door before being silenced forever. Inside was an untouched pedestal serving as the reliquary of this single, giant tooth.

Tooth of At-Ta-Ir

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