Eberron Nights

Exploring the Ground Level

Once inside the ruins, the party continued to slowly comprehend the sheer magnitude of the architecture. It didn’t end with the giants’ steps: the ceilings were at least thirty feet tall, and they found enormously thick stone doors that took their combined strength to simply push open. To the south of the open-air level, there were the burned-out remains of the drow nests: large woven tubes of organic material all cris-crossing and stacked upon each other. It appeared that the Emerald Claw burned out any remaining drow to prevent leaving anyone to harass them from behind.

In the center of the level there was an area enclosed by doors, with packages of meat and carafes of wine stacked neatly by a door. While some of it was rotting, it was still much too young to be from the giants. The packages were wrapped in broad leaves from the jungle, and the jugs were simple clay, of seemingly drow design. When the party pushed in deeper, they were confronted with a huge, monstrous, and hungry scorpion. It was too large to escape on its own, and was apparently kept and worshiped by the drow. Its hunger for fresh meat was quickly crushed however.

Into the Ruins

The party could see the ruins rising up, even over the thick canopy of the jungle they hiked through. Thick blocks of stone stacked perfectly together, the craftsmanship not needing mortar to hold it together, even now, after thousands of years. Moss and vines grew up and over the stone, obscuring relief sculpture and murals that covered most of the walls.

When they broke through the jungle to the front entrance, they were greeted by the sight of a hundred dead bodies. They were mostly native drow, fallen in their chitin armor with scimitars, spiked chains, and triple-bladed boomerangs at theirs sides. Significantly less numerous were the fallen Emerald Claw soldiers and even a couple zombies, also armed and armored. It was obvious a great battle occurred here, but the drow were mostly slaughtered by the Order.

The main entrance were the giants’ steps, each ten feet tall and wide, but a smaller, humanoid-sized staircase was carved to the side, presumably for the giants’ elf slaves. As the party further investigated the bodies and looked for clues, a rumbling was heard from above. A massive boulder was rolling down the stairwell! While attempting to avoid being pulped, one surviving squad of drow came charging down upon these new invaders. The party was forced to defend themselves, finishing off the drow defenders.

Up the Rachi River
Riverboats, air-skiffs, lizardfolk, and tigers

Captain Chinxero and his crew pushed out onto the Rachi River the next day. Aboard the flat elemental-powered riverboat, the Marlow, the party was able to relax, taking in the sights and sounds of the jungle as the city receded and they passed through the cultivated regions. They anchored the boat in the middle of the river at night and continued pushing upriver by day. A few nights were interrupted by lizardfolk javelins or tigers leaping aboard, but they were quickly run off and put down.

After five days of travel, the party found the landmark suggested in the notes, a turn in the river, and the land rising to form two giant hands of stone reaching to the sky. To the left, a small air-skiff floated twenty feet in the air with a rope ladder hanging and spiked to the ground. Two guards approached the party, knowing they were outnumbered and outmatched, and decided to talk things out. A third guard, however, attempted to sneak away to warn their superiors of a group of infiltrators. The scheme, and the three soldiers, were quickly put to rest, and the air-skiff apprehended and hidden in the foliage.

Armed with the guards’ report of over fifty soldiers investigating the ruined temple, the party approached the edifice themselves.

Starting Investigations
Shipping off to Stormreach

With the promise of 5000 gp each, they procured travel with Captain Byam and his gnome crew aboard the Sea Dart, an undersea ship that took them from their base in Eliang’sha to Stormreach. After a brief interruption of a dire shark and its sahuagin handlers, they reached the city and posed as members of an expedition from Morgrave University. Once there, the party started investigating the Emerald Claw’s trail and procuring further travel deeper into the jungles.

In a bar, they found some rumors of a party of soldiers and a warforged that came to Stormreach by airship and headed up the Rachi river into the jungle. The party talked to house Cannith, which provided them with the services of the riverboat captain Chinxero. On the way to the docks, an elf named Muroni interrupted the party, introducing herself.

“I am a simple scholar who follows the draconic Prophecy to find deeper meaning in the world. The Prophecy speaks of great events about to occur here in Xen’drik, events that will revolve around you. Allow me to witness these events, and I will aid you in any way I can.”

She says she was led to a party of warriors who were no men, and wizards without spells. The warforged, dwarf, and female barbarian seemed to fit the description of “no men,” and the artificer could concede that he didn’t cast spells as such, but infused items with magical powers. Zrill, wondrous wizard and magnificent mage, had no idea of what she spoke, but could agree that nobody else indeed cast spells. Muroni proved her usefulness immediately by providing captain Chinxero with the financial motivation to take the expedition deep into the jungle, some four hundred miles up the Rachi River. With the promise of treasures and trade routes in the jungle, the captain reluctantly agreed.

Lady Elaydren's Dilemma
Background and introduction

Being the continuing events of the elven barbarian Varele, the tinkering artificer Walter, the reticent dwarven warrior Grumbles, the impenetrable and ancient warforged Spikes, and the magnificently powerful wizard Zrill.

The party lost some friends, found some unexpected allies, and ultimately escaped from the gargantuan, maze-like celestial dungeon in the northern mountains. They reconnected with an old contact, Jonaleth, whose mistress, the Lady Elaydren d’Cannith, was experiencing troubles. Her apartments in Sharn were recently attacked by undead and looted of three schemas (models, diagrams, schematics). The undead were soldiers of the Emerald Claw, a patriotic terrorist group dedicated to the rise of Karranth as a military leader. Lady Elaydren told the party there was one more schema, which, with the others, would unlock the creation pattern: an ancient, if not entirely understood, source of magic and power that would threaten the Five Nations and the dragonmarked houses. Another item stolen: notes of the Lady’s ancestor, Kedran d’Cannith, which hint at the possible location of the forth schema and the creation pattern deep in the jungles of the island continent Xen’drik, to where the party must now go.


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