Eberron Nights

Lady Elaydren's Dilemma
Background and introduction

Being the continuing events of the elven barbarian Varele, the tinkering artificer Walter, the reticent dwarven warrior Grumbles, the impenetrable and ancient warforged Spikes, and the magnificently powerful wizard Zrill.

The party lost some friends, found some unexpected allies, and ultimately escaped from the gargantuan, maze-like celestial dungeon in the northern mountains. They reconnected with an old contact, Jonaleth, whose mistress, the Lady Elaydren d’Cannith, was experiencing troubles. Her apartments in Sharn were recently attacked by undead and looted of three schemas (models, diagrams, schematics). The undead were soldiers of the Emerald Claw, a patriotic terrorist group dedicated to the rise of Karranth as a military leader. Lady Elaydren told the party there was one more schema, which, with the others, would unlock the creation pattern: an ancient, if not entirely understood, source of magic and power that would threaten the Five Nations and the dragonmarked houses. Another item stolen: notes of the Lady’s ancestor, Kedran d’Cannith, which hint at the possible location of the forth schema and the creation pattern deep in the jungles of the island continent Xen’drik, to where the party must now go.

Starting Investigations
Shipping off to Stormreach

With the promise of 5000 gp each, they procured travel with Captain Byam and his gnome crew aboard the Sea Dart, an undersea ship that took them from their base in Eliang’sha to Stormreach. After a brief interruption of a dire shark and its sahuagin handlers, they reached the city and posed as members of an expedition from Morgrave University. Once there, the party started investigating the Emerald Claw’s trail and procuring further travel deeper into the jungles.

In a bar, they found some rumors of a party of soldiers and a warforged that came to Stormreach by airship and headed up the Rachi river into the jungle. The party talked to house Cannith, which provided them with the services of the riverboat captain Chinxero. On the way to the docks, an elf named Muroni interrupted the party, introducing herself.

“I am a simple scholar who follows the draconic Prophecy to find deeper meaning in the world. The Prophecy speaks of great events about to occur here in Xen’drik, events that will revolve around you. Allow me to witness these events, and I will aid you in any way I can.”

She says she was led to a party of warriors who were no men, and wizards without spells. The warforged, dwarf, and female barbarian seemed to fit the description of “no men,” and the artificer could concede that he didn’t cast spells as such, but infused items with magical powers. Zrill, wondrous wizard and magnificent mage, had no idea of what she spoke, but could agree that nobody else indeed cast spells. Muroni proved her usefulness immediately by providing captain Chinxero with the financial motivation to take the expedition deep into the jungle, some four hundred miles up the Rachi River. With the promise of treasures and trade routes in the jungle, the captain reluctantly agreed.

Up the Rachi River
Riverboats, air-skiffs, lizardfolk, and tigers

Captain Chinxero and his crew pushed out onto the Rachi River the next day. Aboard the flat elemental-powered riverboat, the Marlow, the party was able to relax, taking in the sights and sounds of the jungle as the city receded and they passed through the cultivated regions. They anchored the boat in the middle of the river at night and continued pushing upriver by day. A few nights were interrupted by lizardfolk javelins or tigers leaping aboard, but they were quickly run off and put down.

After five days of travel, the party found the landmark suggested in the notes, a turn in the river, and the land rising to form two giant hands of stone reaching to the sky. To the left, a small air-skiff floated twenty feet in the air with a rope ladder hanging and spiked to the ground. Two guards approached the party, knowing they were outnumbered and outmatched, and decided to talk things out. A third guard, however, attempted to sneak away to warn their superiors of a group of infiltrators. The scheme, and the three soldiers, were quickly put to rest, and the air-skiff apprehended and hidden in the foliage.

Armed with the guards’ report of over fifty soldiers investigating the ruined temple, the party approached the edifice themselves.

Into the Ruins

The party could see the ruins rising up, even over the thick canopy of the jungle they hiked through. Thick blocks of stone stacked perfectly together, the craftsmanship not needing mortar to hold it together, even now, after thousands of years. Moss and vines grew up and over the stone, obscuring relief sculpture and murals that covered most of the walls.

When they broke through the jungle to the front entrance, they were greeted by the sight of a hundred dead bodies. They were mostly native drow, fallen in their chitin armor with scimitars, spiked chains, and triple-bladed boomerangs at theirs sides. Significantly less numerous were the fallen Emerald Claw soldiers and even a couple zombies, also armed and armored. It was obvious a great battle occurred here, but the drow were mostly slaughtered by the Order.

The main entrance were the giants’ steps, each ten feet tall and wide, but a smaller, humanoid-sized staircase was carved to the side, presumably for the giants’ elf slaves. As the party further investigated the bodies and looked for clues, a rumbling was heard from above. A massive boulder was rolling down the stairwell! While attempting to avoid being pulped, one surviving squad of drow came charging down upon these new invaders. The party was forced to defend themselves, finishing off the drow defenders.

Exploring the Ground Level

Once inside the ruins, the party continued to slowly comprehend the sheer magnitude of the architecture. It didn’t end with the giants’ steps: the ceilings were at least thirty feet tall, and they found enormously thick stone doors that took their combined strength to simply push open. To the south of the open-air level, there were the burned-out remains of the drow nests: large woven tubes of organic material all cris-crossing and stacked upon each other. It appeared that the Emerald Claw burned out any remaining drow to prevent leaving anyone to harass them from behind.

In the center of the level there was an area enclosed by doors, with packages of meat and carafes of wine stacked neatly by a door. While some of it was rotting, it was still much too young to be from the giants. The packages were wrapped in broad leaves from the jungle, and the jugs were simple clay, of seemingly drow design. When the party pushed in deeper, they were confronted with a huge, monstrous, and hungry scorpion. It was too large to escape on its own, and was apparently kept and worshiped by the drow. Its hunger for fresh meat was quickly crushed however.

Into the Darkness

After exploring the ground level of the giants’ ruin, the party made their way up the western set of stairs leading up. There they found a squad of soldiers with a large mechanical contraption at the door. After a brief scuffle, the party was able to use the great winch themselves to force open the ancient, and stuck, door. Unfortunately, it was holding back a torrent of water that immediately swept the party back down the staircase with a crashing. Most were able to roll out of the stream, but Varele the barbarian and Muroni the cleric were swept cleanly off the edge of the level to be sent flying fifty feet to the ground below. The fall would have surely killed the more fragile cleric, but Varele was able to catch her and break the fall with her own body. Walter quickly flew down to aid the elves and escort them back up to the party.

After the initial wave of water, there was simply a constant stream pouring out of the dark passage. Wading inside, they found a large ziggurat and two portals, through which a current of water seemed to flow from and into. Before they could investigate the portal too closely, they all felt a clammy sensation, and a tightness in their chests. They struggled to breathe, as though they were submerged in the two feet of water, and a pale, swollen form appeared from the darkness behind them. Some ancient, undead, drowned elf attacked the party, its unnatural aura sending Zrill and Muroni gasping for breath as they fell into the water. The party had to lift them to safely while fighting back the undead creature before they were all safe from drowing again.

Once they had their peace, they were able to more closely inspect the ziggurat. Though they had experience with languages and glyphs, and even guides to the ancient scripts of the ancient Xen’drik civilizations, they were not able to decipher the three large glyphs that covered the top portion of the ziggurat. Taking note of what they found, the party returned to the first floor to continue their search for the Emerald Claw and the schemas.

Up to the Temple

The party ascended the massive staircase to the second level of the giants’ ruin. There they came to a cyclopean chamber, too large to see the entirety of. In the center was another massive ziggurat, nearly reaching the 40 ft ceiling. A globe of daylight illuminated the top showing a mummy working on the glyphs covering the stone, and several more soldiers guarding on a lower level. After a short battle, the party stormed the ziggurat, slaying the soldiers, but the mummy fled after slinging a few magic missiles. Again, the glyphs were indecipherable, so the party moved on.

To the north were several smaller rooms, apparently warrens for the ancient elf slaves with a few surviving treasures. Nearby was a dreadful chamber with shining chains and hooks embedded in the walls, which still held brownish red stains. Quickly moving on, the party found a large room with a giant iron door exuding menace: there was a spray of bodies and remains around the door, still giving off a gangrenous radiance that rose like dissipating mist. The warforged steadfastly strode to the door and was able to shrug off the last remaining necromantic energy protecting it from intrusion. Inside was a chamber actually free of dust, a testament to the door’s protection over the millenia. Resting on the reliquary was a single, giant tooth, the Tooth of At-Ta-Ir.

Noticing there was another room without access from the inside, the party circled around the outer perimeter of the ruin’s edge. There they had to fight off several gorillas who attempted to push them off their nesting grounds. The next chamber, too, contained their central nest, as well as their leader, a great while, horned girallon. In the piles of fur and leaves, stinking of unwashed animal, there were several more coins and gems the apes had collected themselves.

Circling around the temple again, the party came to the southeast quadrant, intending to explore the next room. Here, however, was another deadly trap, revealed when the floor dropped away, flinging the warforged down a razor-lined chute to plummet 150 ft to the forest floor. Making his way back up to the temple, the party was able to carefully move around the chute to the door, revealing another clean and relatively small chamber with a pedestal. Walter noticed several glowing glyphs and wards, and was able to deactivate them before a pillar of flame engulfed them all. Their reward was taking possession of a crystal pane in a gold hoop, The Codebreaker.

After careful exploration and freeing any leftover treasures from the grip of dust and time, the party came to another huge staircase, spiraling up yet another level high above.


Up the final set of stairs, the party immediately runs across piles of supplies for a large military force: dried meats, relatively clean water, dried fruit, flour, grains, linens. A couple of guards and a glyph-warded room guard another storeroom of wine, ale and other higher-end supplies.

Exploring the winding hall, they open the next giant door to see an especially large chamber with a large tile mosaic under a thick layer of dust. They seemed vivid through the concealment, but required a closer look. As the party went in for closer examination, the door suddenly slammed shut behind: a huge giant’s skeleton, and wielding an even more gargantuan morningstar of densewood and obsidian shards. The party attempted to organize a counter attack, but the giant quickly struck, grinding Zrill into a bloody, crushed pulp. Walter attempted to quickly reverse the damage, but it was too late. After dispatching the skeleton, they collected what they could of Zrills remains, then set about the more important recovery of the gargantuan morningstar. After lowering it to the forest floor by a rope, they could explore the rest of the level.

Moving north, they came to the largest chamber of all. The wall rise a hundred feet, with clifflike faces pocked with cavities and dark balconies. Gauzy webs crisscross the gaps, leaving the high sunroof concealed. The central feature of the great hall, however, is a titanic throne of stone and metal on a iron disk. On this disk were wooden crates, barrels, and a table cluttered with papers, pens, and measuring devices. The only movement comes from a rotund female in simple work clothes studying the inscribed iron disk.

The Vault

The party was teleported to a large, wide chamber, too large for their light to completely fill. They were in the corner, at the top of five massive steps, 10 feet high, descending fifty feet into the chamber filled with buildinglike glowing pillars of stone. Metal and organic cords extended from each, roping around each other and leading to the far side of the chamber. Closer, however, was a humanoid figure at the bottom of the steps.

As the party ran down to confront the woman who disappeared, they saw her twisting and bending in pain, her features flowing like water into a thin, disheveled half-elf, then an emaciated man with dead-white skin and a thick scar between eye and ear. He holds the creation pattern in his hands and appears to be arguing with himself. “Fine! Take it and be gone from my mind!” he screams, flinging the creation pattern into the large chamber.

The party quickly races in and cuts down the shape-shifter and begin hunting for the creation pattern among the stones and thick cords. As they explore, they see a giant, thirty-foot humanoid shape standing in the darkness, the cords connecting to it on all sides like a massive web. It appears to be made of stone, metal, and other materials.

The party finds not only the creation pattern in the cords, but the forth schema on one of the pillars. A feeling comes over them, that it would be best to reunite the final schema with the creation pattern, completing it. When this happens, it begins to hum and glow with power, and a terrible voice, in no language and every language speaks to everyone’s mind:

“I… am… complete! Xulo is… whole!” This doesn’t seem to bode well to anyone, especially when the creation pattern flies over to adhere to the giant construct that looks like an ancient version of a warforged. “And now, Xulo has a body!”

“The pattern of the Prophecy forever unfolds in profound ways,” Muroni says. “This day, we have witnessed the culmination of one verse of the Prophecy, and the beginning of another.” A typical speech about the unfolding of the Prophecy she is here to witness.

There is no time for further discussion as the giant warforged/Xulo start to lumber forward and attack! While it tramples and slams at the party, Xulo lashes out mentally, sowing confusion and despair among the party. They rally, however, attacking the giant warforged and the cords that support and power it, eventually leaving it completely disabled. With some mental resistance, the creation pattern is removed from its host body and separated into its component schemas, to avoid further temptation or attack.

Returning the Creation Pattern

With “Xulo” discorporated and the creation pattern and schemas safe, the party collects the scattered loot, the remains of Zrill, and descends the giants’ temple-observatory. Back outside, they take the air-skiff to the Order’s hidden airship, commandeering it for their personal use, all the while resisting Xulo’s calls and cajoling to piece him back together. They first stop at the harbor city of Stormreach to drop off the elven cleric Muroni.

“I serve the dragon Vuulaytherus. I study the Prophecy. You have allowed me to watch a particularly important verse unfold. I thank you, and Vuulaytherus thanks you. The dragons have marked you, so perhaps we shall meet again when the next verse reveals itself. Fare you well, my friends.” She bows, and takes her leave of the party.

They are able to fly back across the ocean to the city of Sharn, home of their patron, the Lady Elaydren d’Cannith. With her is Baron Merrix d’Cannith, whom she defers to. He is delighted by the recovery of the schemas and creation pattern, listening to any developments the party might relay, and shows equal interest in the rather ancient warforged Spikes that had accompanied the party since they found him in the ancient tomb of the celestials. Lady Elaydren gives the party their promised reward, and says she looks forward to their further business dealings.

After leaving the household and Sharn, the party returns to their home base in Eling’sha, back on the continent of Xen’drik, to finally resurrect their fallen comrade, Zrill. At this point, a man emerges from the hold, introducing himself as Zeffernious Kalistiren. As the airship approaches, however, several mundane and arcane ballistae turn and aim at the airship, and a party of guards ride out to meet them. Walter flies casually and lands the ship outside to meet the guard. The lead knight, a woman in a tabard with a silver flame on it introduces herself as Lady Argenvox and demands to know why a stolen, terrorist vessel is flying upon their city. Counting themselves lucky they weren’t shot out of the sky, perhaps only for being outside of range, the party explains they recently defeated the Order of the Emerald Claw and commandeered their ship. This mollifies the captain somewhat, and she agrees to allow them entry to the city to explain themselves to the council. In the mean time, her guards occupy the moored ship.

The temples have long since been underbid for healing services by the halflings of House Jorasco, and it is to their Healers Guild the party goes to find an adept powerful enough to bring Zrill back to life. Once there, the head adept examines the body and checks his identification papers (of which the party finds many copies, all in different names).

“Pretty mulched up, isn’t he? Missing a finger here too, weren’t able to find that in this mess, were you? Good enough for the job though, but—” He looks carefully at the papers he is holding, the excuses himself to a back office. He is there for several minutes before returning. “I’m terribly sorry, but we cannot do anything for you.” When prompted for more explanation, the halfling only says their friend “Zrill,” has been blacklisted by the house, and the guilds are forbidden from providing any aid. The party attempts to circumvent this through the local temple, but finds no success. The church of the Silver Flame refuses to perform resurrections, believing all who die leave behind a life of pain to find joy in the silver flame, which is in return, strengthened by the addition of souls. The church of the Sovereign Host would, given the time to prepare, but any assistance given to someone blacklisted would harm their own interests and ability to do business with the dragonmarked houses. Attempting to procure the expensive and rare material components would be obvious, and nobody who could supply them, will.

With not much more to go on, the party finds correspondence in Zrill’s documents between himself and a woman named Kylaear, on the island continent of Arenal. With that their only lead, the party packs up the airship to fly for the ancient continent of the elves.


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