Collected treasures and rewards

The Giants’ Forge

  • 2 ancient masterwork scimitars
  • 1 masterwork dagger
  • Masterwork thieves’ tools
  • Golden idol of Continual Flame (220 gp)
  • Wand of Burning Hands (3d4, DC 11, unknown charges)
  • “Master’s” journal of traps
  • 2 bottles of Silversheen
  • Hand of the Mage
  • 1 Alchemist’s fire, 2 flasks of acid, 1 thunderstone, 1 tanglefoot bag, 1 healing kit
  • 2 small centipede poisons (DC 11, 1 Dex, 4 rounds)
  • 2 Eberron shards, golden necklace, silver manacles, misc brass, jade, ivory jewelry, freshwater pearls, tropical feather cloak, blinkdog fur boots, gold and silver coins (671.5 gp)

Infiltrating the Captured Research Camp

  • Masterwork weapons (simple and martial)
  • Glyphbook (+4 Linguistics for Xen’drik ruins, Professor’s notes)
  • 3 vials of antitoxin
  • 3 potions of Cure Light Wounds
  • 4 Blessed Bandages (standard action, stabilizes dying creature)

GLaDOS’ broken tower

  • Artisan’s tools
  • Minor schema (searing light)
  • Craft magic arms and armor

Retaking the Ancient City
Soldiers and commander’s equipment
Drow gifts (feathered cloaks of resistance +1)

The Manhunt
Hunter’s equipment and trophies; Longbow +1 (2400)

Map to the Golden City
Treasure map
1st mark: Dreamserpent hide and eggs
2nd mark: Drow camp; dragonshards (10x 100), Terbutjes +1 (3x 2305 [one-handed melee, 1d8, 19-20 x2])
3rd mark: Rival explorers; Kama +1 (2302), Chainmail +1 (1300), Heavy metal shield +1 (1170), Greatsword +1 (2350)

Giant City of Gold
Bronze scorpion amulet (80)
Carpet runner with gold thread tassels (200)
Gold armband with stag (600)
Giant potions of cure moderate wounds x4 (2d8+3)
Feather tokens x3
Silver raven
Gold belt buckle set with aquamarines (size of a wrestling championship)
Marvelous Pigments
Mithral twilight chain shirt +1
Giant metal rod
Giant bronzewood rod

Collected treasures and rewards

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