Nations and organizations

Aundair: Educational and arcane center. Home of the floating towers of Arcanix.

Breland: Agriculture, industry, Sharn

Karrnath: Militant nation utilizing undead soldiers

Thrane: Theocracy ruled by the Church of the Silver Flame

The Mournland: Formerly nation of Cyre, known for remarkable arts and crafts, now a cursed wasteland brought by arcane catastrophe

Lhazaar Principalities: Loose confederacy of pirate lords, sea barons, and merchant princes spread across northeastern islands

Q’barra: Frontier nation of pioneers and settlers, often fighting back lizardfolk, pirates, and others

Valenar: Elves that fought as mercenaries for Cyre eventually took the southern land as their nation

The Mror Holds: Dwarven mountain range

The Shadow Marches: Swamps populated by orc and human barbarians, many Eberron dragonshard deposits helped develop mark of Finding and House Tharask

The Eldeen Reaches: Uncultivated woods and druid sects

The Talenta Plains: Wide grasslands populated by halfling barbarians and dinosaur herds

Zilargo: Southern nation of gnomes

Darguun: Goblin nation

Droaam: Monster nation ruled by three hags

The Demon Wastes: Ruins of rakshasa civilization and demons, orcs stand as wardens

House Tharashk

Scar Enforcers

Elves have created several different societies. The Arenal elves have stayed in their traditional island nation, worshipping their deathless ancestors. The Valenar forged their own nation after the Last War, becoming nomadic horsemen. Khorvaire elves identify themselves by nation, rather than race. The Mark of Shadow carries the powers of illusion and scrying, which they employ as artists, entertainers, spies, and assassins.

Halflings traditionally roam the plains herding their dinosaurs, but those with the Marks of Healing or Hospitality have turned to Khorvaire, opening inns, restaurants, and providing the bulk of healing magic.

Shifters are the bestial descendents of Eberron’s lycanthropes, and still feared after the genocidal purging of lycanthropes by the Church of the Silver Flame.

Changelings are the inevitable descendents of doppelgangers, able to disguise themselves and move among other societies with ease.

The Warforged were created as soldiers in the Last War, but have since been recognized as free, sentient beings, and are now trying to find their own way in the world.

Nations and organizations

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