Eberron Nights

A Scavenger Hunt Begins

Weeks after the tournament, there are still some rivalries and unfinished business left between students and houses. With that in mind, the professors announce the students will now have a chance to team up on a group project, a scavenger hunt. While not directly fighting other groups, they are all racing to the same goal, so it is still a competitive event. The professors were unable to give any clues to the purpose or goal of the hunt but for the scroll they gave to each house in the morning:

“Shape of pig, taste of sap; both skins contain knowledge.”

The riddle eventually led the party to the gardens where the living guardian topiary roamed in the form of boar. Approaching a group of them, they carefully looked for those ambulatory instead of simple bushes, and soon brought down two tree-boars. Deep within their branches was the next clue of their hunt, a parchment with a cypher of numbers and letters. Isis realized they were a call number to a specific book in the library, even a page within that book.



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